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Substance Abuse


Dr. Joe Abhold, Ph.D

My name is Joe Abhold and I have spent my entire career collaborating with others to help them work through problems, heal from pain and move forwardin new directions. I have worked in private practice as a Licensed Psychologist as well as in the University of Wisconsin system as both a Counseling Center Director at UW Oshkosh as well as the Dean of Students at UW Eau Claire.

I am a generalist, but the areas I am most focused on are anxiety, depression. substance abuse, relationship issues, PTSD and trauma. I work with adults and adolescents.  

Please take some time to read about my approach to counseling, clinical topics and information regarding costs and insurance. I truly look forward to hearing from you and working with you to develop an action plan that will lead to improved mental health and a life lived with greater meaning. 

EMDR: A Promising Tool for Many

We repeat what we don't process and heal

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, uses the brain’s natural ability to heal by stimulating both sides of the brain through the use of eye movements, taps, or sounds while recalling a negative experience from the past. While it isn't magic, EMDR has a growing body of scientific studies demonstrating that it can be highly effective.

Many clients who have engaged in EMDR have seen dramatic improvement in their symptoms in much less time than traditional talk therapy because the process addresses deep seated negative beliefs and replaces them with more realistic and adaptive truths.

EMDR may be right for people who suffer from disturbing memories, PTSD, sexual and physical abuse, sexual assault, depression and anxiety. 


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