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On this page you will find helpful information about rates, billing, various insurance types, self-pay options and tips regarding questions to ask your insurance company.

Please take some time to read through this information and if you have further questions feel free to email or call. We will be happy to help you.

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Intake: $220.00
Day of service discount: $150.00

Individual Session: $200.00
Day of service discount: $120.00

Psychological testing: $200.00/hour

Cancellation Policy
You can cancel an appointment for any reason up to 24 hours in advance. Things come up for everyone, but because appointments are limited and a time was held specifically for you, if you miss a session without cancelling 24 hours in advance, you will be required to pay a $50 no-show fee. Insurance will not pay for missed session fees.

During your intake process you will provide Eau Claire Psychological Services with a credit card, debit card or HSA account. Your card will be billed after each session.

Ways to Pay for Psychological Services
There are three ways to pay for psychological services: self-pay, in network and out of network insurance.

Many people choose to pay directly for psychological services rather than use their health insurance. By paying privately or “out of pocket” clients are assured the highest degree of privacy, flexibility, and control of their mental health record allowed by law.

Therapists are required to provide the insurance company with a mental health diagnosis, which the company uses to determine the number of sessions they will authorize for treatment. Not billing insurance protects your privacy regarding mental health diagnosis. Insurance companies use the client’s diagnosis and treatment information to determine how many therapy sessions they will allow. Not billing insurance allows you the freedom to attend therapy for as long as you and your therapist see fit.

Because private pay client records are exempt from insurance reporting and random compliance audits, our work is not in your healthcare record unless you choose to share it with other providers.

Also, if you see a provider in a large system, therapy records may be accessible to others within that system, so the nature of your therapy could be seen by other providers in your healthcare network.

Finally, many insurance plans have high deductibles that need to be met before the insurance starts paying, so you may be paying out of pocket anyway.

Because the process of billing health insurance requires many hours of unpaid work for a solo practitioner like me, I provide a significant discount for clients who self-pay on the day of service.

For clients who will be using insurance

If you choose to use your health insurance benefits, you will pay the day of service rates until your insurance company begins paying for services. Your initial sessions will be billed to the credit card on file and we will also submit this bill to your insurance company. When your insurance company begins paying a portion of the bill, we will credit the card on file minus your co-pay/co-insurance. Once we know how much your insurance company will pay and what your co-pay is going to be for future sessions, we will only charge your card the co-pay after each session.

Eau Claire Psychological Services is contracted with some insurance companies. If you are insured through one of these companies your therapy will most likely be covered, minus your copay.

If you have one of the insurance companies below, please call them to confirm that Eau Claire Psychological Services or Dr. Joseph Abhold (also give them my NPI: 134670951) is on their panel and that his services are covered. A provider may be on an insurance panel, but some policies will not cover them. The best thing to do is call the number on the back of your insurance card to confirm.

*Also ask your company how many mental health sessions are covered per year, if approval is required by your primary care physician, if your deductible is met, and your co-pay per session.

Current Panels
Security Health Systems

If your insurance company is not on the list above, you may be able to use out-of-network benefits. Insurance companies will sometimes reimburse at somewhat lower rates for providers that are outside of their contracted panel of providers. You will need to contact your insurance company and find out if and how much they reimburse for an out-of-network mental health provider and the amount of your out-of-network deductible. If you are using out-of-network benefits, you will still pay for each session using the credit card on file. We will provide you a receipt (called a “Superbill”) each month that you submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Because you are taking on responsibility for reimbursement through your insurance company, you will receive the day of service discount.

Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts
These accounts can be used to pay for medical expenses such as therapy and can help bring down the cost of treatment through their tax advantages. Please feel free to use these as your means of payment if you have an HSA or FSA as a benefit through your employer.

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