Counseling Services & Therapy for Teenagers

counseling services for teenagers

Growing up is not easy, particularly at this time. Teenagers face social, academic and family pressures, as well as changes in their families, relationships and identity. If a teenager is struggling with school, peers, family relationships, depression, anxiety or identity issues, therapy can help.

I work with teenagers fourteen years and older on a variety of topics including: depression, anxiety, relationship concerns, substance abuse issues, LGBTQ issues, bullying, family concerns social life and behavioral problems.

I approach teenagers and their families with a collaborative and integrationist approach. Parents and loved ones often have concerns and agendas that are important to understand. I work with significant others to learn about their concerns at the same time I work with the teenager to understand their perspective on what is going on and what might be helpful to them. I will work with your family doctor or other providers as appropriate. I do not provide academic or intellectual assessments at this time. I also am not an expert in eating disorders or working with teenagers with significant self-harm behaviors. It can take time to earn a teenager’s trust and get a handle on what they would like to change in their life, social relationships, family and behavior, but I believe we can make a decision within a few sessions if counseling with me is going to be right for your teenager. At that point we will make decisions about how to proceed

A Word to Teenagers

If you are a teenager and you are reading this, you are probably not having a great day. If you are concerned about what is going on in your life and have some ideas of things you would like to work on – that’s great. There is also a pretty good chance that someone else in your life is concerned about you and thinks therapy would be “a good idea” – and you could be thinking… “maybe, maybe not.”

Most people, adults included, aren’t that excited about seeing a therapist. They worry about what it means about them, what other people might think and if it will be helpful. This can be even more challenging for a young person – they may worry about their parents finding out everything they talk about, what therapy is like and if they are going to have to talk about their 'problems.' The bad news is, you will need to talk about issues - the good news is that I'm here to help.

My Pledge to You

  • I will give you my honest opinions.
  • I won’t talk down to you – if you think I am, I invite you to let me know.
  • You will know ahead of time what we will share with your parents and what we won’t.
  • I will do my best to understand your life and try not to give you advice that isn’t realistic in your world.
  • I will do my best to make things as un-awkward as possible.

So, with that pledge in mind, I hope we get a chance to meet and see how we might work together to make some changes you want to see in your relationships, feelings, and actions that leave you feeling better about yourself and your relationships.


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